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Water is important for any cleaning process, especially one that's industrial size. When you're cleaning up damage inside any property, you need the right mobile recovery and recycle systems.

Let us help you stay in compliance with eco-friendly laws

All wastewater systems need to go by a set of environmental rules and be up to code when expected. Keeping this safe and in compliance with the law is not always easy, and that's where Enviro Tek comes into play.


You'll find a variety of wastewater systems in stock when you choose our services. They help you keep your property environmentally-safe and in compliance with wastewater standards.

 •  Ultraviolet systems

 •  Reverse osmosis

 •  Desalination

 •  De-ionization

 •  De-alkalizers

 •  Water softening

 •  Filtration and lab systems

 •  Ultra-skids

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Wastewater can't be avoided. However, it doesn't have to hurt the environment. At Enviro Tek, we keep things clean and compliant so the Earth stays safe.

Top-notch waste water products

Water and cleaning go hand in hand

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Reverse osmosis equipment