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When you're looking for a green company, you'll find it at Enviro Tek. We not only help with your wastewater and recycle cleaning water, we also help keep your wash bay systems running right.

Your ideal damage restoration system

Find a variety of water transfer capture and transfer systems in stock that work while you're vacuuming to help you dump dirty and unsafe water from your collection tank automatically.


Perfect for fire and flood cleanup, these systems make your job easier when in a tough situation. When repairing the damage from natural disasters, use the most modern and efficient equipment you can find.

 •  Eliminates job site water

 •  Collects wastewater

 •  Transfers wastewater

 •  Works on mobile locations

 •  Collects pressure washer water

 •  Discharges RPVs vertically and horizontally


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When you're using an industrial-power steam vacuuming system, all that dirty water has to go somewhere and Enviro Tek has the solution.

What our water recovery systems do

Helping you with all your industrial water needs

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